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Our services include deploying our actionable data in research for government and private entities interested in objective policy rethinking and for investors interested in market intelligence that guide investment strategy and business solutions. Our Academy provides bespoke retooling programs for employees of organizations on economic and financial analyses, data analysis, database management, innovation, and change management.

Our Services


Policy Dialogue and Workshops

We organize policy dialogues and workshops to deliberate socio-political matters affecting both businesses and households.


Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

Aside from facilitating training on M&E, our experts in the field conduct M&E on projects on behalf of NGOs, institutions, and governments to enable evidence-based decision making at all levels.

Data & Business Analytics

For us, data is more than just figures. We analyze data using advanced methods in data analytics and report it in a simple, useful format, ratios, and indices adaptable in any business decision and/or strategy session.

Market Entry Strategies

We support firms, both foreign and indigenous, with their go-to-market strategies, due diligence, partner-matching, and business delegation trips and representation in new markets. We walk and work with you from ideation to realization, business growth & expansion.

Bespoke Training and Up-skilling Solutions

We provide bespoke training and up-skilling options to individuals and firms. This option allows us to accommodate clients whose priorities and interests go beyond our Academy.


From our pool of trained Associates, NI provides outsourcing services to consulting firms, research institutes, financial institutions, and universities.