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NI organizes topical conferences and network events throughout the year to deliberate key findings and to discuss policy innovations and their implications. At these conferences and events, stakeholders from government ministries, non-governmental and civil society organizations, academia, as well as members of the organized private sector and the interested public meet to exchange ideas in the interest of the national economy.

Uncertainty Conference

Uncertainty Conference

Every year, around June/July policymakers, business leaders and industry experts gather to discuss trends and developments and how uncertainty is shaping their decision functions. The Uncertainty conference reviews the latest indices on uncertainty and makes predictions about the rest of the year. The conference features presentations and quarterly reviews and insights on the economy by industry experts to achieve a deeper understanding of market winds. The Uncertainty conference is a sequel to the AMFO.

Annual Monetary & Fiscal economic outlook (AMFO)

Annual Monetary and Fiscal economic outlook (AMFO)

The AMFO is a flagship macroeconomic outlook conference with a balanced view of both monetary and fiscal policies and their effects on the business cycle and the society at large. At the AMFO, we put down all our metrics and projections before industry experts, policymakers, and business leaders to project a clear view for the coming year(s). The AMFO holds every year in November/December.

Webinar: Nigeria’s Mid-year Political Outlook 2021

Nigeria's Mid-Year Political Outlook 2021

It is common to hear ``Economic outlook`` and less so about Political outlook even though politics shape economics. It is, therefore, relevant to understand the direction of politics in especially uncertain times when the state (or unity) of the nation is under scrutiny.<br /> Join the panel discussion to understand the forces at stake and learn about the political future of Nigeria. We will also introduce the Governance Pessimism Indices; its relevance and application to analyses of socio-political events as they occur in real-time.</p> <p>Join the conversation! Register here:<br /> Registration is free!