Data and Analytics

Governance Pessimism Indices

The Expert Area Data and Analytics is developing two measures – Political Pessimism and Corruption Pessimism – that capture how the residents in a country perceive the government and its policy actions. The indices rely on natural language processing of social media and news media to quantify optimism or pessimism about governments’ policy decisions, pronouncements, or actions. The Indices will be published monthly to enable political risk analyses. The scope is limited to Nigeria with the possibility of expansion to cover select other African countries.


Uncertainty Indices

The Uncertainty Indices is a collection of metrics that measures the level of uncertainty in broad sectors of the economy. The Index includes:

  • Nigerian Economic Policy Uncertainty Index (NEPU)
  • Nigerian Monetary Policy Uncertainty Index (NMPU)
  • Nigerian Fiscal Policy Uncertainty Index (NFPU)
  • Nigerian Equity Market Uncertainty Index (NEMU)
  • National Security Uncertainty Index (NSUI)

Sustainability Index

The Corporate Sustainability Index measure and compares the extent to which public-traded firms in Nigeria adopt the principles of sustainability both in their production processes and the overall corporate governance structure. The CSI adapts the approach of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) to the local context to rank the performance of listed companies based on their sustainability practices. The target is to institutionalize the consciousness of sustainability through partnership and alliance for the common good.


Augmented Fiscal Viability Index

The AFVI is an index that compares and ranks the fiscal status of the 36 sub-national governments in Nigeria. It builds on the existing fiscal sustainability index and simplistic annual states viability method which takes the ratio of states’ IGR to the receipts from federal accounts allocation (FAA).